Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Without a single doubt, I love cats. I think they can be the most wonderful pets and some like my dear Simon Peter seem to have more personality than some people. I have cats in my life since I was a little kid-- although my first was not exactly a warm and endearing relationship. I was a kid of four and used to chase poor "Teddy" every time I saw him. I am very happy to say that there was a moment when he was quite old for the two of us to bond. The cat of course that I can not forget was one of the homliest cats you have ever seen. I guess I was about nine years old when someone dumped two cats on our door and finally a third. The first was Torty a beautiful tortice cat of magnificent color. The second was "Bugsey" a gray and white tom cat who was cute and playful and the third-- because she was the last of the three we called "Caboose". Caboose as I said was one homly looking cat. She was always pregnant-- "loose with her morals" we kids used to always claim. I swear this cat had no more weened five or six kittens (and we had found homes for them) when she was pregnant again. We'd lift her up and of course we kids all could tell and we'd say to her "Oh, Caboose, not again. She'd meow in some self resigned way almost to say "I can't help it!" Now my current cat "Simon" that John and I have adopted is a Maine Coon. These cats came over on the Mayflower and used to live and reside in the bowels of the great ships where they learned to be great micers. Simon is the most affectionate and amazing animal I have witnessed in some time. He really seems to communicate with you. If you call his name, he answers you with a definite meow greeting. He loves to cuddle, sleep and oh yes-- eat! He's huge. He weighs at least twenty pounds and it takes two full hands to pick him up. He is such a joy! Cats are indeed very independently minded and Simon is no exception. You never have to guess what he wants. He will meow in a certain way and will be very persistant about it. Then you will say to him "Show me" and I swear that cat will get up and "show you" the problem. The litter box needs changing. His drinking water is clouded. God help you if there's a hole in his dry food-- he wants the plate to be always full. If the world was as good as communicating with others as good as this cat can, we would all be much better for it. Not much else happening today. I was pleased to hear from a music supervisor last night in an e mail asking me to send him Christmas music. It came from out of the blue. At first I had thought I had e mailed this company, but it tuirns out that I hadn't. So I have sent an enthusiastic response and we shall see what happens. It is so true: we simply have to let God do his wonderfulness and things fall into our laps. Praise God! I'll keep you posted on this latest development.

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