Monday, May 28, 2012



So now I am a senior citizen because I have just signed up for dear old Medicare in anticipation of my 65th birthday on September 24th of this year!
Well, there's a comfort. And because I also signed up for what they "Secure Horizons" I pay only $99.70 a month out of my Social Security Check for absolutely the most amazing medical coverage ever. That's one hundred percent of everything except for an ambulance ( I pay $200 out of $1500.00) and any visit to an urgent care when I'm not admitted to a hospital and that cost is only $65.00. Pretty damn cheap. No deductibles. No co-pays even for a specialist. It makes me feel pretty secure. The coverage actually starts on September 1st and I don't pay for it until September 24th-- not bad. This is my sixth year in writing a blog and I really keep busy writing musicals. Finally I have the space  and the time to write and with an important meeting coming with Lanie Kazan, I just may have a new career in television writing. I remember what my dear friend Morey Amsterdam used to say "Growing old is mind over matter. If you really don't mind, it really doesn't matter."  It's also nice having holidays like Memorial Day off again. When I was working in camera retail, I almost never got these holidays off-- so it's nice. And today is a most beautiful day here in Southern California, so I shall be enjoying it with a cold soda (and maybe a beer) with a BBQ today. i really love cooking out and now that I've discovered a great retail outlet like "Fresh And Easy" I find prices really reasonable and especially BBQ packs of chicken, hamburgers and ribs. My thoughts and prayers with all service men and women today. Thank you for giving us Americans a truly wonderful gift and loyalty. We love you for it!