Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another Christmas Day in my life. In my new apartment in Sun Valley. My 65th Christmas Day. It was another challenging year with my partner and I facing an eviction (and not for lack of rent) by a greedy landlord and the complete loss of a computer. But once agin, my Lord and my God came through for not only my partner John and I, but for John Nugent, my writing partner who lives with us these days. We were forced to find another apartment, but that apartment is larger, quieter and free of bugs and other pests like spiders. We now live in Sun Valley which is very close to Burbank. Christmas had to be without visiting family this year, but I'm hoping that little problem called relliable long didtance transportation will be solved by next Christmas. We have a great landlord and some really nice neighbors and the nosey days of Fulton Avenue in Van Nuys are finally over. I will miss friends we made there, but life goes on and new adventures await. I've been writing like absolute crazy this year completing about seven screenplays, seven or eight television pilots and even a new musical. God looks after me in ways I can not describe. He may "draw straight with crooked lines", my friends, but he still has the best solutions and answers to every problem that I put before Him. So this is a quieter Christmas without family (and I will miss that a lot) but I am aiming that 2013 will be the great year of success for my writing partner and me. I want to thank all of my friends like Kevin and Judy Eagan and Tim Doran and I finally connected with Jaimie Silos, my old room mate from my living in Hacienda Heights days ,this year after absolute years of not hearing from him. I called all of my sisters and spent some valuable telephone time, but I will aim for the real thing with them by next Christmas. Jimmy Chapel has some exciting new marketing opportunities and I'm placing all my hopes on God's Mercy. Happy Birthday to my Saviour and King. He is the absolute center of my life.