Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mickey Rooney is one of the last of the true Hollywood legends. Today is his 86th birthday! Happy Birthday! He was born (as Joe Yule Jr.)in Brooklyn in 1920. His parents were Nell Carter and vaudevillian comedian Joe Yule Sr. His career took off at the age of seventeen months. While hiding underneath a shoeshine stand on stage during his father's act one day, baby Mickey sneezed. The noise caused a spotlight to find him. Not knowing what to do, baby Mickey (then Joe) blew on his tiny mouth organ that was hanging around his neck. The audience went nuts and a show business legend's career was born. The show's manager got him a pint sized tuxedo to wear on stage from then on. Young Mickey then began performing small balads and speeches on stage. Mickey took the name "Mickey Rooney" in 1932after his first film break in the "Mickey Mcguire" comedies in 1927. Mickey always claimed that Walt Disney named the mouse after him-- doubtful-- since Mickey Mouse had been around since 1926. Mickey also claimed that he gave Norma Jean baker her famous name of Marilyn Monroe. Mickey had eight marriages,with five sons, four daughters and two step sons and has two grandchildren and two great grand children. He has two movies coming out this year. One is called "Bamboo Shark" and the other is "Night at the Museum". Of course the picture I loved him in was "Boys Town" (1938) and the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" (1939) and best of all "Pete's Dragon" from 1977. Well, dear Mickey, you've had quite am amazng life. Judy Garland would be proud!

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