Saturday, November 10, 2012


After thirteen long years, my domestic partner and I have left our old apartment at 6717 Fulton Avenue in Van Nuys, and found a much quieter, brighter and bigger place in Sun Valley, right next to Burbank. Gone is the noise from all the ambulences, police cars and fire trucks that used to race down Fulton Avenue at all times of the day or night. The morning traffic on this street is absolutely and incredibly bad. The street is in horrible disrepair left over from the earthquake that ravaged the area way back in 1994. Turning left r right onto Victory Blvd was another nightmare. Every kind of accident you could name took pace there. We will miss our garden, but the money we used to spend to maintain it will actually make up te difference we are paying in rent. So we hope and will now spend the holidays without the expense of keeping up with what the cheap landlord, Richard Roberts never took care of. Oh well, as my father used to say "Some guys pinch a penny so hard, Lincoln not only screams, he storms off the coin-- and you shouldn't piss off a guy like Abraham Lincoln." The landlords here are absolutely wonderful. They keep their promises! What a refreshing thing to have happen! So the holidays will be different, but so much better this year. Farewell fulton Avenue forever! I sure hope somebody in the city decides to re-pave your cracked and hole filled roadway. I now can do some amazing writing with all the peace and quiet of this wonderful new place.  Thank you, God!

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Sometimes you stay in one place for so damn long that it fails to make sense any more. My domestic partner and I have lived in one apartment in Van Nuys, California for thirteen long years or the entire length of our relationship together. Sometime your hand is forced and this time it was simply a greedy landlord. This guy would make Scrooge look like Mary Poppins. But as they say "what goes around, comes around. So on Monday, November 5th, we move lock, stock, barrel and cats to Sun Valley about four and a half miles away. It's a bigger apartment, but without our beloved patio and garden, but at least we will save loads of money by not having to invest in plants, barbecues, garden tools and solar lighting. The amazing amount of money that we spent her on Roses and plants was astronomical. Our cheap landlord (who has a barber shop on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles) is bar none the very cheapest man in the entire world. He didn't even provide a hose for his property. He never kept the place swept up or weeded. We did it all! Oh well, farewell, Richard Roberts. It wasn't nice knowing you. Good luck to whoever he suckers into this place. We threw out so much stuff. It's absolutly amazing as to what you gather in thirteen long years. The kitchen stuff we divested ourselves from was amazing. We look forward to the move though it was hard giving up our garden. Farewell Fulton Avenue, we will NOT miss you. What a crazy street!