Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The day after.... what can we add? Perhaps something that I wrote many years ago might be appropriate. We must realize that preventing future tragedies like these depends on two things: obtaining wisdom and perfecting communication. I wrote once "Great communication is an accident: only anger, silence and hidden agendas are deliberate" Whatever these people who use violence to promote their cause say are only using words-- nothing more. They blame the United States and Israel for all their troubles and yet these individuals biblically come from the same cloth. Father Abraham in the bible was impatient for a child: an heir and had relations with a maid servent instead of waiting for God's time in this matter. The descendents of this woman with Abraham-- sent away and forced to live in exile became the seeds of the entire Arab world. Everything comes in God's time, but we poor humans, imperfect as we are are so impatient-- that we take things so many times into our own hands. The consequences are so far reaching that we are paying the price five thousand years later. Why haven't we learned that Almighty God has the best plan of all? Poor Job in the Bible cursed his life and couldn't understand why God had allowed the things he had. God's answer (and of course I paraphrase) was basically "Were you there when I hung the stars in the sky? "Did I do a good job on the sunrise or the sunset or the rainbow? Why do you question me? Well we all do it. Me. You. Everybody. We just can't understand why something in our lives goes so wrong. Why someone in our lives betray us? Why our financial tree falls in the forest of our lives--with us barely jumping out of the tree in time! But the more wisdom we obtain and put to use in each of life's lessons makes us stronger and more resilliant the next time. There is always a hidden blessing. Something we do not see! Any soul who thinks that 9/11 was the worst that could have been has absolute no concept about the forces of evil! If that plane that God allowed to crash in that Pennsylvania meadow had reached its target of the White House--or worse the US. Capitol, I am of the opinion that we would NEVER have recovered psycholigicly from such a disasterous event. Not only would every represenative of our government been killed or seriously injured but the American Spirit would have been wounded beyond capacity. God spared us all with this latest plot discovered in England-- I think that alone should make us all trust Him with every single tick of the clock and every single event that happens. We've just got to trust Him. In a song I wrote that not only does God "draw straight with crooked lines" but also in that same song I wrote that "The hardest words to say: thy will be done! I wrote something many years ago that also illustrates this a bit more: "Obtaining wisdom is like coming across a sunrise-- we can't believe how dark it was only moments before and we can't fathom that it took us all night to find it" We must trust God and with each thing that goes wrong: learn from it: gain the wisdom it teaches-- instead of being shocked by its lesson days or months or years later. We must be vigilent. We must pray! We must trust! Don't hand a problem or a hurt to the Lord, trusting he will fix it and then "yank it away' in impatience or give up on it and be sad or angry or indifferent. I hate it when somebody says "Whatever"-- it means "I don't care about you and I don't care about life and I don't care about anything that could make it better-- because it won't" Wrong! We have so many blessings and yet like the guy finding the sunset he is shocked at its sudden appearnce, but amazingly not grateful that he has been given the opportunity to seek it, or experience it or wonder at it --- but more perplexed that it took him so long to find something he wasn't expecxting in the first place!

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