Thursday, September 01, 2011


Thank goodness for the great people of theatre like dear Judy Eglan here. She and husband Kevin and their grandson Harley, Grant Measures and all the others still in the cast of our "We Are Different Now" are such joys to work with. I haven't written on this blog for awhile because John and I have been so absolutely consumed by this 9/11 tribute musical and our first independent production where we have been the producers. It's been a downright roller coaster of the century ride. You can not believe the egos of actors and wannabee musical directors who have done the things they've done to stop us. The first director named Bruce whom we thought was our friend of four years turned into a controlling monster who had no respect for authors. The second named Paul who had a medication issue and literally went off the deep end. Good old Jay was another nightmare who was an absolute control freak and knew nothing about musical theatre and equally nothing about staging. Our next director was struck by a sudden illness and stress and Tatianna simply had no idea what actors would accept or not and treated them mostly like children. And then I took over and employed a cast member's help and we turned it around. And yesterday, finally it began to breathe on its own and just may survive and be strong. I have learned that some actors will say absolutely anything to get out of a show and to make excuses why they can't be there for rehearsal. Things were different back in 1983 when we cast our first show, Skylark. Then there were over a hundred actors in line for audition. And this was Equity-Wavier back when Equity didn't even have a minimum per day stipend . Nobody quit. Nobody put money over their art. Nobody used a million excuses or had more problems than a daytime soap opera. Nobody tried to betray you. And not everybody thought themselves to be a director. But all the problems, I hope seem to be behind us now. And now this little show at the Cap Theatre at 13752 Ventura Blvd can finally go on on the 9/11 weekend (Fri, Saturday and Sunday nights) at 8pm

with a 4pm show on Sunday afternoon. It's a dinner theatre presentation with Yankee Pot Roast, Liberty potatoes, Colony vegetables, rolls and butter, Boston Baked Beans and dessert.

I want to thank the good and noble members of this cast who have gone out of their way to smooth the path. It's been one hell of a ride. I think I could write a book about John and my misadventures. Wow! So thank yopu Vicki M and Vicki C. Thank you, Buddy and Kaye and Robert and everyone for holding on for dear life and making "We Are Different Now" fly.