Friday, September 08, 2006

Big Big day in American History! Thirty two years ago -- the first sitting president of the United States is impeached and resigns and his successor pardons him unconditionaly on this date for all crimes against the country. Now one might squabble with Mr. Ford and this decision certainly cost him a term of president on his own, but I was there back in 1974 operating a camera and Hallmark business in Goleta, California when all of this came down. I think Mr. Ford was a pretty brave man. I think that hanging Nixon would simply have divided this country in more ways than anyone could imagine. Certainly Ronald Reagan would NEVER have defeated Jimmy Carter. And although I certainly applaud Mr. Carter's efforts as an ex-president (so many ineffective presidents make much better ex- presidents) I simply don't think he handled the presidency and the country between 1976 and 1980 very effectively at all. Richard M. Nixon was certainly an amazing man in many respects. He showed the world he could be an effective leader and statesman-- but like so many men in power, his own personal ego got to him. He simply was deliciously in love with his own self and all the prestiege that came from the office, itself! He knew he had ultimate power and unfortunatly, he simply mis-used it. Once gain, I think he was a better ex-president than he was an actual one. As for Mr. Ford-- I thought that what he did was a courageous act, but like Edmund Ross in Lincoln's era (who was the sole vote that prevented the impeachment of Andrew Johnson) his courage cost him greatness. On another note: I went to the Los Angeles Zoo with John yesterday. We hadn't been there since we first got together seven years ago. It was not a hot day as it had been on many days prior. There was a cool breeze and it was a great hike. We actually got to see a great Condor spread to his entire wing span-- how great is the majesty of God! I found out that a giraffe has a tongue that is thirteen inches long! And get this: not only can camels go three days without water, but when they do drink they can take in as much as thirty galons at one sitting-- Wow! Now thats what I call a great drinker! That's about it for today!

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