Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Memorial Day To all! I remember my dear Uncle Al would go out on this day and put flowers on the graves on all of the relatives-- even those related to him only by marriage. He was an incredibly wonderful man with a kind and generous heart. Well, my job search goes on. I had a great phone interview with Staples that seemed very positive. I found out that assistant managers there make about forty-seven thousand dollars a year-- pretty amazing. I also was contacted by Pacific theatres as an operations manager. Job hunting by computer is so amazingly easy. I haven't been out of work for twelve years and the last time I collected unemployment was way back in 1975-- thirty-three years ago. I've applied at Screen Vision, BMI, and Universal Pictures-- so we shall see where God leads me. He is my strength and my Light and he has always guided and protected my life. It's too bad the Ritz organization doesn't recognize great talent. All it knows how to do is to go into panic mode and close stores. They simply don't realize that people are not going to trust them any more-- they won't see store closing as great financial planning-- oh no-- they will see it as a great sign of trouble and not purchase from them. Well, I wish them well. I really tried hard at this store. More as I know it. Say a prayer for me! I wrote and recorded a great song for this day called "Some Gave All" Tony Westbrook recorded it and it really turned out wonderfully.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A day of hope exists today. Even though it appears that my job will end on June 20th-- a little less than a month from now-- I do have a phone interview with the Staples people. And that call came from out of the blue from a Career Builder ad. I know things happen for a reason, and I know just how fearful that I am right now, but I need to trust God-- he has always come through in the past. He's always watching over me. So today, I'm going to trust Him. He is both my Father and my best friend and that is all that matters. Somehow, I'll get through this-- just like I got through that accident two years ago.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today is my sister Lorie's 66th birthday. It's also a pretty historic day in other respects. Jimmy Stewart would have been 100 years old this day. Charles Lindberg took off for his historic trans Atlantic journey in "The Spirit Of Saint Louis" and Amellia Earhardt took off on this date for her fateful journey. Christopher Columbus died on this date in poverty-- alas. Today also ninety-three million people watched the last episode of Cheers in 1978. But I really want to wish my eldest sister a most happy birthday. We've had a lot of fun over the years and she has provided a lot of comfort over all these many years. One of the beautiful things about my dear sister is that she and her life is free of drama-- she is who she is-- and that's it. She tells you the truth without once hurting your feelings. She is kind, loving, considerate and I have always loved her and always will. Happy Birthday Lorie! I did get a call from a Staples Office Supply recruiter so maybe there is a glimmer of hope in my labor crisis. Prayers are certainly appreciated and welcomed. No closing signs have yet arrived-- I hope that's a good sign.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a scary thought when you think that job may end. We've been informed that Ritz Camera is closing my store in the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square based on results from January and February of this year: the worst months you could possibly look upon. We had a deliberating Writer's strike still going on and the economy is horrible. I think it's just terribly unfair. I have given my all to this company. At any rate, the promised "Were closing" signs have not yet arrived and that is comforting a bit, but its very scary to go looking for a job at age sixty. I haven't had to go look for work since 1996-- twelve years ago. Thank goodness for Career Builders on the computer--it does help a lot. So say a prayer for me--everybody. And while we are at it, lets have a great prayer that Tim Doran gets out of his financial mortgage mess. Please God. We both need help.