Monday, September 18, 2006

Well, tonight the magic of "A Chorus Line" happens once again opening tonight at the Schoenfeld Theatre on Broadway. This time with a brand new cast and a brand new production. Dear Michael Bennett is gone and so is lyricist Edward Kleban in 1987 Gone too from this globe of blue is James Kirkwood (1989) and Nicholas Dante (1991) the authors of the original libretto. Only Marvin Hamilich remains alive. But the story of a "A Chorus Line" who prior to "Phantom Of The Opera" was the longest running Broadway musical of all time. The show ran for Six thousand, one hundred and thirty-seven performances! It opened at the Schubert Theatre on July 25th, 1975 and closed in that same theatre on April 28th, 1990. Neil Simon was called in to do some uncredited additions to the libretto. It was from he that the show has most of its great one liners! Never beforte had a Broadway show been shaped so much by one man-- and that one way was the late great Michael Bennett. So tonight's Michael's long time lawyer and the man who administers his estate produces this great comeback. Its funny, Marvin Hamlish has never had another hit on Broadway. Everything else has flopped. The money from this show must be phenominal because edward Kleban's estate has been giving grants of $75,000 a year since the year after he died to deserving new composer-lyricist teams! The soundtrack with the new stars will be released soon. This is a show that belongs on the "Great White Way", The motion picture version of this classic while a noble effort by director Richard Attenborough was a pure disaster. I remember how uncomfortable I was watching it. But no doubt about it the stage version of "A Chorus Line" is simply incredible and tonight it opens again after sixteen years! Tonight in preview. Its official opening night is November 8th. The world may have changed after 1990, but one thing for sure: the dream inside a young performer's heart has never dimmed after all of these many years! I wish everyone on this great grand show all best wishes! Break a leg! They will sing "I Can Do That!" "Dance Ten, Looks Three" and "Tits and Ass" with an exuberance that will make this a classic all over again! These performers will I'm sure make it all seem fresh, original and new!


Tony W said...

My friend Jay was subletting from Brad Anderson who is playing Bob in the show. We are going to try to go see it next week.
I hope it sizzles..and MB is snappin his fingers along from above!
All I ever needed, was the music, and the mirror...awesome!

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