Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here is something that just might make you feel really old. This day, September 7th would have been the 70th birthday of Buddy Holly, the legendary entertainer who died tragically in that air crash along with Richie Vallens and "The Big Bopper", Jim Richardson. Here are two things that I did not know. The first was that Buddy Holly won his seat on that fateful plane ride by the toss of a coin-- and the lucky individual who missed a destiny with death on that same plane ride was (is) legendary country-western singer Waylon Jennings (before he went country) The second thing I did not remember from the movie was that Holly's wife Maria was pregnant on that flight. She survived, but miscarried the child. It just goes to show you that sometimes our lives and destinies are decided sometimes by no more than the toss of a coin! We just never know the time and the hour and the moment! I also was surprised to learn that the Beatles actually chose their name as a tribute to Buddy Holly's Crickets. And in the audience that last night of his life was a then unknown would be legendary performer Bob Dylan. How Holly's (whose real last name was Holley) survival might have changed the world of rock and roll. It's funny, I used to work in a record store when I was a teenager-- because I really wanted to learn the world of retail. The owners simply could not afford to pay me-- so I made them a deal. This was 1965-- over foty-one years ago. I agreed to work after school until closing and on Saturdays all day for $1.00 a day plus lunch-- crazy huh? But guess what retail and salesmanship (and even owning a business or two) is what has supported me all these years. You still can't learn the art of retail sales in any college that I know of-- so I guess that was a pretty smart move. Not much else happening, but today is a cooler day! Only 85 degrees instead of over 1oo! Bye for now!

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