Friday, July 27, 2007


Four years ago today, the world lost the most amazing comedian, performer and showman of the world. Mr. Bob Hope. He lived one hundred amazing years. One of the funniest stories about him happened about three months before he died and Delores Hope, (knowing the end was very near)his dear wife asked him "Where would you like to be burried? To which the amazingly still funny Bob Hope replied "Surprise me!" His first film was an educational film believe it or not, but he was fired by the company when a member of the press asked him about it and young Hope quips "Yes, it's been released and when they catch John Dillinger, they're going to make him sit through it twice. Today is also the 53rd birthday of my very amazing friend and arranger, Mr. Tim Doran. I simply could never be the songwriter than I love being without his amzing talent and his grand good heart. And So on this day, I raise my glass in gratitude and appreciation to the man who makes so many things possible. I love him very much and I'm so indebted to him-- forever! Happy Birthday, Tim!

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