Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today would have been the birthday of one of the greatest lyricist's on earth-- dear amazing Oscar Hammerstein II. He was born in 1895. Not only did this amazing man write a legendary filled career with the late great Richard Rodgers, but he also had a career with an amazing composer: Jerome Kern. And the young man that Oscar acted as a mentor for was none other than the amazing Stephen Sondheim. It was announced in playbill today that there will be a new production of South Pacific on Broadway: its first new Broadway production since the original staging in 1949. That is great! It's an incredible musical and one of my all time favorites! Well, one never knows where our life will lead us or will lead others. So Happy Birthday, dear Oscar, wherever you are! Today I will sing one of your great lyrics! By the way, Tim Doran is busy at work doing his part on "The Traveling Companion' re-write. I am now very excited about its new prospects! And we have discovered a new singer! his name is Richie Matthew: a young man with a great range. So we hope and keep all fingers crossed!

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