Saturday, July 21, 2007


Some say that death is like a journey on a shoreless boat. No more worries abount boundries, limitations, failures or even the tide and the waves that come crashing into our lives. I lost a godmother and aunt which was hard for me to lose, but I know she is one happy soul in heaven today. As I approach my 60th birthday, my own anxieties are kicking in like crazy. I want so much to have that Broadway show and be successful, but there are so many difficulties and conflicts, I sometimes wonder. What is our purpose on this weary earth? Maybe just maybe we are the boat that provides the ride for other souls. Maybe without us someone else in the world would be lost in a rowboat without a paddle. Maybe another person who wouldn't be loved by anybody else is loved and cared about by us. And for that, God will reward us. Great artists like Vincent Van Gogh will never see their creations respected while they live-- maybe that is the way with many of us. Some of us after death will always be remembered alive. I miss my friends who have passed. I miss John Smithson and Iris Hollingsworth and dear Peter Corello and Carl Packard. They all gave me so much. So in perspective maybe we are that rowboat that transports others through the troubled waters of their lives. And we will be remembered. And we will be rewarded. A lot of things carry other things, but none like a boat from the sea. So let us try always to remain afloat for others. "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" is the song that comes to my mind here and now.