Thursday, July 05, 2007


Well in all the hoopla for the 4th of July in my blog yesterday, I forget about mentioning that July 4th was also Neil Simon's 80th birthday. What an amazing career and ride his life has been beginning with his classic play "Barefoot In The Park" to "The Odd Couple" "Brighton Beach" and "Broadway Bound". I actually got to meet him on two ocassions while I was taking comedy writing lessons with his older brother Danny for four years. Doc (as he is always called) was the quieter of the two brothers. Bar none, I think that I have laughed at and loved more great Neil Simon humor than from any other (but Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman make a close second. I think the secret to Neil's success is the stuff that Danny used to teach us all the time. You must get into the head of your character and you must be honest in your comedy writing. If you try to be funny, you just never ever will. I cherish those wonderful days-- they were simply incredible. So happy belated Birthday, Doc. What an amazing life!

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