Wednesday, July 04, 2007




Happy 4th of July everyone. For the first time in over a year and a half, I actually have a holiday off. At work, they draw straws as to who will work the holiday and I've always lost-- and by no exception, I had lost in the drawing once again, but this time, I had the courage to go to another employee and ask if she would work for me. Well, it worked. So thanks to my co-worked Lori, I do have the day off. I just don't know why Ritz Camera feels that anybody will walk into a camera store on July 4th-- but oh well. Today John and I are going to see the animated movie "Ratatouille" today (that's actually the name of a soup in French) and I'm really looking forward to it. We'll go see at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood taking the train down there-- so no parking woes. Actually Remy (the mouse who dreams of becoming a French chef is actually the Seventh principal mouse character in Disney history. First of course is Mickey and then there's one I bet everybody forgets and that's Timothy Mouse from Dumbo-- another great Disney character. The next mouse is Roquefort in "The Aristocrats" (voiced by the late great Sterling Holloway and the fifth and sixth mouse are both in the same movie called "The Rescuers" starring Bianca and Bernard the Mouse (voiced by the late great Eva Gabor and the amazing Bob Newhart. The last mouse was Basil, the mouse in the animated film "The Great Mouse Detective" So it should be fun! Later, I'll make some steaks in a cook out. Good luck to Tim Doran on his diet regiment-- he's out to lose twenty pounds. But all that rice he has to eat-- I'm not so sure about that! Well again, have a Happy 4th of July and lets remember our boys in Iraq and realize what exactly we are celebrating!


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