Wednesday, April 25, 2007


With great apologies to Barbra Streisand! I actually made the great lady ten years older yesterday-- whoops-- I'm usually pretty careful about my facts. Oh well, she's certainly lived as if she were seventy-five! Today also marks the 22Nd anniversary of the Broadway musical that featured the amazing music and lyrics of Roger Miller. The score is delightful especially the songs "River In The Rain" and "World's Apart. And there is news that Rosie is leaving "The View" in June-- thank goodness. I simply feel that this show ignited far too many feuds. There is also news that scientists may have found another life supporting planet like earth just outside our solar system in the constellation Libra (my sign-ha!) supported by what they call a "red sun". There's only one problem-- on this planet a one hundred and fifty pound man would feel like a guy 240 and you would have a birthday every thirteen days! Dear God! Don't we age fast enough as it is? There is also rumors of a new Disney theme park in the Branson, Missouri area and Universal studios may be dumping the Mummy ride (already) and putting in a Simpson's themed roller coaster in its place! No imagination left for these guys I guess! Well, my apologies again to Barbra-- who became a senior citizen yesterday! Only 65!

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