Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A very sad day to remember. April 4th, 1968. Martin Luther King was alledgedly assasinated by James Earl Ray. And who knows if that is the truth. It was a sad year for all of us. It was the year we lost Robert Kennedy as well. What might the world have been like if this great man had lived? It's very hard to say? Are we any closer to accepting that prejudice is simply not the answer. I wrote in my journal once "Prejudice is like trying to taste a banquet with your nose-- all you get is a dirty face" The world will accept the great man's dream someday. We simply have to have faith in the heart of man-- because the heart of man is made by God-- and that can't be far from good-- even though it may be diverted along the road of life. So let us pray today that Martin Luther King's dream can be realized-- with a little more time, a little more care and a lot more share of the heart that God has granted to us all.

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