Thursday, April 19, 2007


The American Revolution began today in 1775!

The American Revolution-- the beginning of the United States of America-- two hundred and thirty one years. The actual war between the the two countries actually did not officially end until 1783 ! Only 40-45% of the country supported the war in 1775. England was superior at sea and the American colonies were superior by land. France, Spain and the Netherlands all joined forces against the British in 1777. England and America were at war again just nine years after the peace treaty here in The War of 1812-- that was the war the British burned down the White House. But today is another anniversary-- a tragic one in light of the great tragedy at Virginia Tech-- for on this date in 1995, the Alfred P. Morrow building in Oklahoma City was blown away by Timothy McVeigh. Imagine that? An American terrorist. I remember a client telling me the story that he had worked in that building and was working that very tragic day. He had made a promise to the Optimists Club in town to make a motivational breakfast speech and had a very bad cold. He was not going to make that speech and cancel because he felt so badly. Once he got to work, he discovered that he was in trouble that same morning for a serious mistake he had made in paperwork.His boss was on the phone yelling-- he wanted to see this man pronto in his office. My client begged him some time to make the speech and promised that the moment he returned from the breakfast, he would go up to his office and account himself for the mistake. The boss relented only at the last moment. My client left the building and started walking to the Optimist Breakfast which was three blocks down the street. He got to the front door of the building where the breakfast was being held and BAM!! -- the Alfred P. Morrow building was a memory. He never did have to face his boss for the horrendous mistake that might have him cost him his job! He had kept his word! And that saved his life!-- in more ways than one. Being fired from a federal job closes more doors than one could ever imagine! Also on this date last year the newest Pope was elected Benedict IVI. Of course, we should also not forget that the Waco massacre also happened on this date in 1993. Well on to work!

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