Monday, April 23, 2007

Today the Good Ship Lollipop and we celebrate the 79th birthday of one very amazing performer. Shirley Temple Black celebrates this milestone birthday today! I always have loved Shirley Temple pictures. They have always made me feel good watching them. My personal favorites are "Little Miss Broadway" "Rebbecca of Sunny Brook Farm" and "Heidi". I also loved watching the older Shirley in her 1950's television series "The Shirley Temple Storybook Theatre". Does anybody but me remember the theme song. {"Dreams are made for children and a dream is a fairy tale"} What an amazing life this incredible lady has led. I was reading that Shirley Temple earned as much as fifteen thousand dollars a week in the 1930's while she made pictures like "Poor Little Rich Girl"-- an appropriate title considering the sum that fifteen thousand dollars a week would equal today! Move over you super stars! Today is also the birthday of the Great Bard, himself: William Shakespeare who was born in 1564. He also died in 1609 on his birthday. Of course Shakespeare has been a favorite of mine and I used his character extensively in my musical "Skylark" which was my early crowning glory. Those were grand years and I look back on that show with immense fondness and pride. With Randy Ames as my collaborator, I think we composed some of the best songs ever. "Will I Ever Know 'Bout Love" came from that show and bar none its an absolute gem. I remember the first time it was sung by Greg Lastrapes at the first rehearsal of the play-- WOW-- the cast that was assembled including dear Carl Packard, Tony Pandolfo , Peter Hilton, Peter Corello and Kim Holman (among others) were simply blown away when he finished. What an amazing talent! Today we have a training meeting in Beverly Hills (for our Image rewards Card) and so I will go as required--even though I know how to sell these like crazy. My sister's 55th birthday approaches and I need to find her a nice present. Not too much else except I have a new outdoor patio set that is very nice to see all set up!

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