Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today is my John's birthday. He is my companion, my best friend and my sweet love. He is thirty-three years old today! God has surely blessed me with this relationship which is officially EIGHT YEARS OLD this very day-- for it was on his birthday that he flew to California for the very first time to visit and meet me. Eight years is a long time for a relationship of any kind. John is one amzing guy. First of all, he has one of the greatest hearts in all the world. He cares for people around him and is so generous that he amazes me completely. He is an expert on animals of every kind, flowers and plants and has an amazing love of mythology, the supernatural and the great mysteries of the world. But most of all, he loves ME-- and that isn't easy-- especially because I am the emotional Italian whose feelings are foremost. And it isn't easy loving someone with a great big sometimes far away dream. It takes real courage for that one!I really never wrote in the quantity and the quality that I have before he walked into my life--probably three hundred songs and three full musicals. I am confident that I am a much better person because of him. We laugh and love together and everything seems as wonderful today as it was back then. Conflicts? Of course! My dear saintly mother and father had plenty of those! Life and relationships do not co-exist without conflict. You can't have a stage play without conflict! Last night we went out to dinner to "The Elephant Bar"in Burbank and such a wonderful time. He finally found a fish dish (Catfish) that was filleted correctly and I had my all time favorite Tri Tip Roast. I gave him his birthday presents and he seemed to love them. I wish everyone in a relationship the happiness and the wisdom and the friendship that my John has brought to me. I am stronger, kinder and more tenacious than ever because he believes in me. So I make a wish that we have many more years together and I wish that everyone who enters a new relationship will have the same amazing attributes as ours. EIGHT YEARS and counting-- the best eight years of my entire life has been with this gentle, kind and loving man. He is without doubt the answer to all of many prayers!

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