Wednesday, April 18, 2007


""Remember my children and you will hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Hardly a man is ever alive who remembers that ride in '75" William Wordsworth

Well all fingers and toes crossed here. Last night at 10:59 pm, I finally was able to download a song for "The American Idol" song contest. It was "Overnight Sensation" and it's lyrics really epitomize the struggle that every dreamer goes through to obtain his or her dream. Tim and I wanted to submit "One Last Miracle" but after a week of trying to submit it, we finally got a feedback from the contest that the song had simply too much MB to qualify. The contest had put a limit of 4MB and "Miracle" was coming in at over 5 with the orchestrated version and 4.8 with the non orchestrated version. I had tried to book some studio time yesterday, to create some qualifying MP# versions of the song by trying to shorten it, but that didn't work out either. It was pretty discouraging and maddening and I went out to see a movie to try and cool off. I do recommend "The Hoax" staring Richard Gere -- he's simply brilliant in this film! Well I came home and there was John trying to get this submitted for me. I know now why and how I love this man so much-- he simply would not let me quit! I didn't have too many songs that were in MP3 format that had both music and singing so I took a chance with "Overnight Sensation" . It really involves all of us especially Tony Westbrook (who co-wrote the lyrics with me and sings it so brilliantly and Tim Doran who is simply musical magic. Today is also the anniversary of the great San Francisco quake in 1906.Did you know that Enrico Caruso sang in San Francisco the night before? Here's the crazy thing: Caruso thought the quake was God's anger at him for what he chose to sing and thus he vowed that he would never again sing in San Francisco! And he NEVER did. Boy, talk about guilt! And speaking of rocking another way, I read today where the Hard Rock Cafe is building a Rock and Roll Theme Park in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The breaking ground is scheduled for later today! It will include a "Rock and Roll Heaven and lots of thematic rides and roller coasters! Wild! Today also marks the anniversary of the start of Paul Revere's famous ride in 1775-- you remember "One if by land, two if by sea!" and of course the Wordsworth poem "Listen my children and you will hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Hardly a man is scarcely alive who remembers that ride in '75. Well back to work after three glorious days off. Happy Birthday also to Hayley Mills who is 61 years old today! I finally got my registration paid for the Ford ZX3 and I can drive that at last. It sure has been a rough six months! But onward! And hope in God!