Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dear sweet Bea Arthur-- you, dear heart brought more laughter into my life than a lot of other comedians. I adored "The Golden Girls" and "Maude". The writing was exactly what Danny Simon had taught as truly honest. It was direct, it was on the nose and it was never contrived. But it was also that unique voice of yours--that voice that brought us Vera in "Mame" and those wonderful songs "Bosom Buddies" and "The Man In The Moon". God rest you. Go and make Him laugh-- Lord knows He needs it! The musical is really beginning to take shape, despite a few illnesses in the cast. There is a lot of work to do in the less than two weeks before we go on, but despite the road blocks, it has been a wonderful experience. And working with John has been a pure joy. Not like some collaborators passed whom I had to beg and cajole to get them to finish the score. Oh well, John is a true professional in every aspect of the word. So stay tuned here for more developments. We have a rehearsal today at 6:30 to 10pm at the theatre and work with actor Joey Vitale at noon.

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