Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is the day back in 1990 that that amazing marathon musical "A Chorus Line" closed after 6,137 performances. What an incredible story and original score. It was eventually surpassed by "Cats" and of course "Phantom Of The Opera" but it still ranks as one of the greatest musicals ever produced. The recent revival was a big success as well but of course nothing matches the majesty of the original. Today for all actors is yet another milestone birthday-- the 120th birthday of Lionel Barrymore. A great actor and a great acting family. I read where there will be a new Broadway musical of "Giant" written by Edna Ferber ("Showboat") I am old enough to remember the huge 1960 Warner Brothers movie that starred Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. I remember sitting through it at the movies back when I was thirteen years old. How it will fare as a musical will yet to be seen. The lights of of the marquees on Broadway will be dimmed for one minute tonight in honor of the passing of another Broadway legend- Bea Arthur. Wherever you are at 8pm EDT -- TONIGHT please pause and think a great thought in that one minute to the lady who gave the world so much entertainment and laughter. She was once asked if she thought she was being typecast by doing "The Golden Girls" on TV after she had played the caustic "Maude"-- she said "There's isn't enough time in life to worry about being type-cast, worry more about being typed in living your life-- as if one day simply repeated another!" Our musical "Little Bit Of Broadway progresses nicely though the flu has certainly played havoc on things. But we will succeed with God's help. We've got some wonderful performers at last-- but it really shook my tree at first! I read also that California is having a special election on May 19th on many issues including improving the lottery-- making it easier to win and benefiting schools more evenly. I am in favor of that one! Oh to win that lottery! My!My!

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