Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well now it's only a matter of time. We auditioned two men today at the final audition for "A Little Bit Of Broadway. One young man named Kyle and was wonderful in audition! He had called in to make an audition appointment at the last moment and came to read. He was wonderful! Oh he's low on money and has to make payments for the pro-production fee, but that's okay! and one gentleman named Walter tried out for the role of John Kotter and was absolutely wonderful! He sang "Marian, the Librarian" from "Music Man" and blew me away! He wrote a check for the pro production fee directly. And one who read the part of Bruce last week is actually scheduled to pay his fee today! So that's three down and one to go. We have one young man who wants the role of Peter (the last we must fill) but is not so committed as the others (playing a gay character on stage is really tough on him) The surprise is a gentleman by the name of Danny Epstein who had first turned us down flat. I decided to write him a letter of persuasion. Well we went from "NO, absolutely" to Okay, I can come up with $50.00. That won't cut it. I wrote him another letter and I used a very persuasive statement. "Wouldn't you just die, if this show skyrocketed and went to Broadway and you were in line two years later, Equity card in hand- Eighty-two guys are ahead of you in line. You happen to mention to the guy in front of you that you could have had this part two years ago with a very simple audition, but you turned it down for a little fee. Imagine how fast that little fact would spread to the top of the line and what the reaction to that little revelation would be? Especially if you had a copy of the email that i had sent to you? That persuaded him. Make payments--okay-- but we at "absolutely no" before. We will see what tomorrow brings when the first rehearsal since "the rebellion" of Good Friday last week. Stay tuned! More drama to come!