Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Only on this blog will you find out some of the most interesting information. The picture is REAL portrait of the last of the Tudor Kings, dear old Henry the VIII of England. He was crowned King of All England on this very special day FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO . Now this is the way dear old Henry really looked not as television portrayed him recently. Now here is something I did not know. HENRY VIII was a SONGWRITER. The composition that you see on this page is a copy of the manuscript that he composed all those many years ago. My writing partner, John Nugent reminds me that there were chords or modern Harmonic progression. And yet this little tune called "Past Times With Good Company" was a very popular song back in 1509. It is said it was written for Catherine of Aragon. Speaking of notable events, today is also the birthday of William Shakespeare. And yes, just in acse you are curious the musical goes on. WE have finally filled the cast and we are working for our grand premiere on May 8th at 8pm. All fingers are crossed here. Boy, who would have ever guessed this could have been so hard, but with God's help, all will go well. I trust in Him completely!

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