Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This entire "Little Bit Of Broadway" experience has been "Quite A Road" Filled with more drama than most soap operas. While we finally got everything cast, we almost lost another actor! The time for rehearsal had come today and our lead didn't show up at the proper time. Something told me to delay rehearsal even though it was now 12:11 pm and we were at that point eleven minutes late. I called the actor's phone number. Poor Kyle Caldwell was graduating from The Actor's Academy in Hollywood this weekend. He was set to stay at a friend's house for the summer until he found a job and his proud parents were coming out to see him graduate. He was not going to call because he was so overwhelmed with grief because one day after his audition with me, Kyle's good friend and fellow graduate (age twenty-three) went through a complete nervous breakdown and now his housing was gone, because now a nurse was going to move into the house that KYLE was going to move in. Now right after graduation, he was going to fly back with his parents, stay home and save money for a couple of years and then come out and try his dream again. Oh No! So I took the bull by the horns and announced to the cast Kyle's dilemma. Within five minutes, he had four offers of a place to stay for at least thru the opening of the play. Hollywood is indeed a "strange Little town" It's very ego driven sometimes, but sometimes it really does surprise you. So it looks like Kyle is still in and we still have a whole cast and we open May 8th at 8pm. Oh yes, the actor who was going to be Kyle never showed--AGAIN. Poor Josh, better go home and tell mom you aren't going to become an actor after all. Spaghetti Dinner tonight was a highlight and kinda soothed the rough edges of today's four hour rehearsals. We did manage a new read-through of the play with the virtually brand new cast. Wow-- there's a play in this!
More News later!

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