Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well this was the day that way back in 1972 that the United States Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment thus completing Congressional action on the on the far reaching amendment, act of law that would have prohibited discrimination based on sex by any law or action of any government -- in other words, Proposition Eight last election could not have been put on the ballot at all. had this historic act passed. The 43-year struggle of feminists to get the amendment through Congress ended at 4:38 P.M. when the 84-to-8 vote was announced. Now here's one thing that I didn't know: Just Thirty-two minutes later, Hawaii became the first state to ratify the amendment when the state Senate and House of Representatives registered its approval at 12:10 P.M. Hawaiian standard time (5:10 P.M. Eastern standard time.)The Senate galleries, which were filled with women of all ages and more than a few men, mostly young, applauded, cheered and let out a few cowboy yells despite having been warned in advance by Senator William V. Roth, Jr., Republican of Delaware, who was presiding, that such demonstrations were not permitted.The next and final step before the amendment could become law. Unfortunately as we all know seven years came and went and it failed to have ratification by all thirty-eight states as required by the Constitution. Sad. On this same historic day, way way back in 1765, the British passed the historic tax known in the "Stamp Act"-- and soon the battle cry "No taxation without representation was born. Prohibition was amended on this very historic day when FDR declared that beer and wine with an Alcohol content of less than 3.2 was now legal. FDR had only been president eighteen days. Funny thing, Chief Executives don't have to sign constitutional amendments approved by the states, but presidents have the power to change a constitutional amendment--without approval of the states! How strange is that? Also funny is this cartoon about AIG executives getting their BIG BONUSES-- absolutely outrageous. Jay Leno said it best The AIG folks are really trying to save money by selling their big corporate headquarters in New York City. It has sixty-six stories-- and not one of them is true-- that's EARL, BROTHER! And tomorrow with alkl fingers crossed will be audition day #2-- let us pray!

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