Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What an absolutely amazing two day recording session that John Nugent and I completed yesterday The results were absolutely incredible as we recorded twenty-five new songs and three older songs that we wanted a much better sound on. WE recorded songs from "Broadway Angels", "The Revenge of Ichabod Crane", "Young MacDonald", "The Wild Swans" "The Ghost Who Saved Broadway", "Sevenly" , "A Moment With Mister "C" and "The Traveling Companion." Perhaps the most amazing singers were Jessica Brusilow, who helped make the nun songs in "Broadway Angels come alive. Nicole Winter, Amelia Meena, Aaron Jacobs, Drew Tablak ( now a Dapper Dan at Disneyland) Aaron Jacobs, Isaac Jones, Paige Powell, Sean Reynolds, Andrea Becker, Joe Fillippone, Veronica Scheyving who was the first female to record the non pop version of "Crazy As It Seems" on Monday afternoon. Dear Tony Westbrook recorded this tune just before he left for New York. On Monday afternoon, the crowd listened to Tony's version of this song played loud and full dimensioned in the studio and everybody applauded. It was a great moment and proof what a great singer dear Tony is. On Sunday Terry Snyder came in to record two songs "You Look So Familiar"and one of the rebellious little monks who decide to kick the monk habit for good in "No More Monk Life for Me" Nicole Winter and drew Tablack re-recorded "Champions of the Heart" from "The Traveling Companion" It sounds so much better. Aaron's renditions of "After All" from the "Revenge of Ichabod was simply mind blowing. In the show, John and i have written, we posed the question: whatever might have become of Ichabod Crane that fateful Halloween night. It turns out that Ichabod (who had always been a great defender of ghost and ghoulies and faithfully defended them and told their stories) was rescued by the REAL "Headless Horseman" whose presence has frightened away impostor Brom Bones. And the reason all of Sleepy Hollow only found Ichabod's hat and a smashed pumpkin? Why that was because the Horseman rescued him and took him to his haunted realm. Realizing that Ichabod was never going to be appreciated in the age in which he lived, the Horseman has kept him in a luxury, book filled, food supplied cage (we now how much he loved both books and food) for twenty-one years. After never knowing freedom for all this time, the cage of luxury in which he has resided opens suddenly. The song is about Ichabod's reaction to his sudden freedom-- what a theatrical moment! Sean Reynolds sang another Ichabod song called "An Ordinary Man" and Issac Moore sang a song for the Headless Horseman called "Isn't it Divine" The whole orchestration was done on Finale 2009 and scored for up to twenty-six instruments-- the sound was incredible. Robert Roth was very helpful and dear Tim Doran was so very helpful on Sunday, helping even to conduct one song. There were a few negative things: mostly with singers who quit with damn little or no notice and those who decided it was their right to change lyrics to their liking or they simply couldn't go on. Oh well-- their loss. We have an amazing collection of new songs! I have encouraged Terry Snyder in a letter today that he must NEVER stop singing. That is a God Given talent and singing is praising God twice. I was amazed to find out that his young son is now seven years old. Wow, how time flies. Our production of "A Little Bit of Broadway" goes on at the Flight Club Theatre 6767 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. The auditions began on March 19th-- Saint Joseph's feast day! Bless our labors, dear Saint Joseph!

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