Thursday, March 05, 2009


I can not believe that it has been over two weeks since I have written here, but John Nugent and I have been so busy preparing for our upcoming recording session that starts this Sunday, March 8th and goes for another day, the following day at Smooth Sounds Studios. It's going to be a marathon and god willing by the time we are through we will have some significant progress on our quest to have great CDs for our pool of investors. This is the way that Jesus Christ Super Star and Evita started-- by recording their songs on record and then selling them to investors. John and I have also landed a production of "A Little Bit Of Broadway" at the Flight Club Theatre in Hollywood for a six performance run starting May 2nd. So now we are trying very hard to finish the scoring of that musical as well. It's a great big challenge, but I am hoping that with God's help (and He always does) we will really come out on top. We have a lot of talented and incredible people singing for free and the response to the ad has been simply amazing. Praise God! A few folks have dropped out at the last minute, but we will manage. The orchestrations that John Nugent has created are absolutely amazing. What an incredible talent and what a wonderful gift from Heaven that he has been. God is so good to me! Today would have been Rex Harrisons's 101st birthday-- so Happy Birthday to Mr. Rain In Spain. Best wishes also for Robin Williams who I understand is in intensive care at a Miami hospital. God be with him! And yes, the world continues to make me laugh-- like the story of the woman who called 911 three times because the McDonald's she frequented was out of Chicken McNugets and the Ohio strange mother who was stopped for breastfeeding her baby and talking on her cell phone while she was driving. Mark Twain was so right when he said "I think God created Man because he was disappointed in the monkey!" Ha! A monkey wouldn't have done that! And may I show respect for the recent passing of dear Paul Harvey. I have been listening to that dear sweet man's broadcasts for decades and my mother loved him too. He was famous for giving us "the rest of the story". Amazingly enough he invented and coined the words "guesstimate", "skyjacked", and oh yes "Reaganomics" among many others on his many broadcasts.