Friday, March 13, 2009

The countdown is on for the first new production of one of my musicals on a regular stage in a regular theatrical engagement in twenty-five years. The last time was December 1985 when I produced a version of "A Moment With Mister "C" in December of 1985 at the Celebrity Centre Theatre (yes the Scientology place) Boy, that was a rough go. I think we managed to squeak by with a modest profit. It was also just before I took comedy writing classes with Danny Simon in 1986. And now, John and i are going to direct ourselves a production of our "Little Bit Of Broadway". We've got the show down to 115 pages and that should be just about right running time wise. Our auditions begin next Wednesday, March 19th on Saint Joseph's feast day at nine o'clock in the morning at THE FIGHT CLUB THEATRE which is at 6767 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood near the intersections of Sunset and Highland. We have ten roles to cast plus an extended walk on (he has about 30 lines) and everybody except the walk on guy SINGS. So we will have some piano midis with us that day and see just how well these actors can sing. This theatre has never staged a musical before, so its going to be interesting to see how all of this turns out! John and I are very excited about the possibilities. So with God's good grace, hopefully all will go well. It's a definite first step towards Broadway. So keep good thoughts for us on that day! I only wish Tony Westbrook were still out here. I would cast him in a New York minute! Today is also Friday, the 13th-- funny, I was never superstitious , but I guess there are a lot of people who are. And I received some interesting news. It looks like I am a great-uncle again for the seventh time. My sweet niece Jacqueline had a "surprise"-- a baby girl named Katlyn Patricia. Jacqueline was always one of my favorite nieces. We are still close to this very day! I wish her all the best!

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