Sunday, March 15, 2009


And the reason I say that is that quite unexpectedly, I have become a great uncle for the seventh time! My niece Jacqueline is the mother with a guy she has been seeing for the last ten years called Matt. Well, I understand that he's in construction and that seems to be a great paying job-- even in this bad economy. Speaking of that, I read this morning that they have laid off the actor who portrays "Big Bird" on Sesame Street. No more "Big Bird?" Is nothing sacred? Thank you, George Bush! Work continues on our musical that we are directing at the Flight Club Theatre in Hollywood. The first audition is this Thursday, March 19th at nine o' clock in the morning. Now I'm not terribly sure about that one. What actor gets up that early to go to a musical audition? In downtown Hollywood? But hey, they tell me they do this all the time! We shall see what we shall see. John and are rushing to get the final songs to the score and we've decided to import one song from an existing show just to make things a bit easier. And so "Crazy As It Seems" will be used in the nightclub scene with one tiny lyric change. I think it will work out wonderfully. We are also preparing our director's bibles and prop and sound effect and wardrobe logs-- directing is a lot of hard work! John and I replanted a new garden for spring and added solar lighting to the landscaping-- those solar lights are absolutely charming. Tomorrow work begins on bringing back Mr. Lincoln to the Disneyland Opera House. Imagine that: Steve Martin (the host of the 50th anniversary show) is being upstaged by Abraham Lincoln. They relegate Steve to the small screen in the exhibit area as he has a contract with Disney that the film play in SOME public media (garnering residuals of course) for a minimum of ten years. Pretty smart! An ex-Disneyland employee who worked at the above pictured Magic Store at the park guaranteed himself a ten year gig that pays daily residuals. Can you imagine how much income that little negotiation has earned him. Good thing because he sure can't play Inspector Closseau very well. But who could except the original Peter Sellers. Gray day here today, but hoping that the sun will come out later today!

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