Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today we honor two famous souls. The first is Nellie Bly, a journalist for the New York World newspaper who had more guts than you could imagine. In 1894, she took the challenge to be the first woman to travel unaccompanied around the world-- inspired by the Jules Verne story "Around the World in Eighty Days". Nellie made it in seventy-two days. She also was the reason mental hospitals were reformed in the 1800's after feigning to be insane and getting committed to a mental hospital. Her expose was called "Ten Days In A Madhouse" and it w2as the single handed reason that mental hospitals stopped doing some of the worst atrocities to human beings seen in decades. She also spent time in Mexico reporting on the plight and poverty of the Mexican citizen. A rush of missionaries and US aid came as a result. Great courage from a brave lady. And today also is the birthday of Arron Copland, the father of American composition with such amazing musical pieces as "The Ballad of Billy The Kid" "Lincoln Portrait' and "Fanfare For The Common Man" Today I attend The Camera Vendor's Expo to see the latest in camera photographic products. And by the way keep saying those prayers!

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