Friday, November 10, 2006

Lesson learned: "Don't buy something on trust alone" and "Trust but verify" Brick wall-- bang head time because the woman who made an illegal left hand turn against my Ford Focus me on Halloween night presented an expired insurance card that she insisted was in force. The cop at the scene believed this bullshit story saying that people often put the wrong insurance card in their glove compartment. When I insisted otherwise he said "I'm the guy in charge here-- not you". In other words, shut up or you'll be the one in trouble. Well her not having insurance on top of a unethical insurance agent who did not cover my car except for California minimum plus 30 days of rental car now forces me to come up with the repair costs myself. I am getting a great deal on the repair, but this is going to sideline anything creative for at least 4-6 months. There was one tiny glimmer of hope presented this morning. She did not own the car she was driving: a 1991 Lincoln Town Car that has also been totaled because of it's age. The car is owned by her boyfriend-- who is the father of the child that this woman was picking up that fateful evening. That means HE may be insured. If that is the case-- I'm SAVED. Everybody pray! Imagine that: driving 12 miles over the speed limit, making an illegal left hand turn in front of three lanes of oncoming traffic (no signal at this intersection) onto a street with lots of children doing "trick or treat" picking up your infant child at a baby sitter! In back of me was a BUS! Had he hit her instead of me that baby would be without his mother, today. So everybody think great thoughts for me and say a prayer that this guy is insured. I will now refer October 2006 as "Black October" What happened to me and what happened to my dear friend Tim. With God's help we will somehow both get through this great challenge.