Friday, November 03, 2006

I will make this blog entry brief, because it is mostly painful, but with God's help, I will survive. The very night of my 7th anniversary with John, I went out and bought some batteries. On the way home, a young careless woman, talking on her cell phone and rushing to pick up her child, made an illegal left hand turn in front of me and our cars collided. I praise God for protecting me, because quite frankly, I do not see how I walked away from that collision with no injuries-- not even broken glasses. So now I face having my car repaired-- of course, she is totally at fault. You simply do NOT turn left in front of any oncoming car on a busy street-- most especially if that street has no traffic signal. She claimed others in the other two lanes stopped for her. If that was the case, she was lucky twice there because behind me was a bus-- and I don't think she would have survived if that bus had hit her instead of me! It was because she was in a rush to pick up her baby son. Can you imagine if she had been in a hurry with that baby son in the child seat behind her? I think the message here is "Slow down" and take things carefully! Nothing is that important!

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