Sunday, November 05, 2006

Today is an inportant day in American History. For on this day in 1968, Richard M. Nixon defeated Hubert H. Humphrey for the presidency of the United States. The election was the closest of any American election in the 20th century. The popular vote was won with one-four hundreths of one percent (4/100ths) amoung three candidates: Nixon, Humphrey and George C. Wallace. Nixon had pledged to end the Vietnam War by Innaguration Day as a "gift" to President Lyndon Johnson. Well as the saying goes "the best laid plans of mice and men". What might hjave happened if Humphrey had been elected? Well one thing for sure, there would have been no Watergate or a resignation of a president. That war of all wars would have been cut off at the pass! Also on this day was another close election in 1912. Woodrow Wilson defeated William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt in a three way race in 1912. Back then, there was limit on how many terms a man could serve as president. And speaking of that distinction, on this date in 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Teddy's 2nd cousin) was elected for an unprecedented third term as president. What might have happened if Teddy Roosevelt had been elected instead of Wilson. Well, the "Bully" president would have certainly not sat back and let World War I amble by while our subs were being attacked. Today slao is important because Bill Clinton deafeated Bob Dole in the election of 1996. And Susan B. Anthony, (the Suffragist) was fined $100 on this date in 1872 for attempting to vote in a presidential election-- amazing. I am still driving my rental and hjoping my own car will be fixed soon. These ental guys seem to be a lot friendlier and helpful than dear old Enterprise Rent A Car. A note about the new version of Blogger in Beta-- yuou can't use the excalmation point anymore. If that isn't the silliest thing you've heard of I don't know what is! What's next to go? The question mark? Oh well. At any point Happy 75th birthday to Ike Turner and Happy 65th birthday to Art Garfunkel-- sure makes me feel older.

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