Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today is yet another historic day. On this day in 1997 we lost the great singer-songwriter, John Denver in a plane crash off the California coast. John, unfortunately ran out of fuel and simply did not have sufficient experience or air time. But he died doing what he loved and he lived a full and fruitful life writing and performing more than three hundred songs including "Annie's Song", "Thank God, I'm A Country Boy", "Leaving on a Jet Plane and "Sweet Surrender" which he wrote and sang for a Disney film called "The Bears and I". Evidently John had a condition in his blood stream that gave artificial indicators that he had been drinking--when he had not! He was a great humanitarian and was a very hard worker for ecology and the environment. Yesterday, the chorus of "Oh, Not again" was somewhat relieved but still spelled a tragedy for Cory Liddle. My personal thoughts go to his twin brother, his mother, his wife and six year old son, Christopher. It just goes to prove that we don't ever know the hour or the day when God will call us home.So let us all be prepared in heart, mind and soul! Also on this day was the great nightclub explosion in Bali in 2002 and the attack on USS Cole in 2003 when seventeen US sailors lost their lives. And of course this is the day that dear Matthew Shepard passed to his reward after his merciless attack just five days before. It was an incredibly busy day at the camera store yesterday. We had so many customers out of the blue, you'd think we had a put a "Free Beer" sign outside! Go figure! Everybody says 35mm film is going fast-- well not in this neck of the photographic woods. Studio City is a real eye-opening place. Lots of rich people! Lots of impatient people. People always in a big rush! And of course-- Lots of celebrities. I've met and sold cameras to Alex Trubeck, Artie Johnson, Kate Jackson and Gary Marshal's son Scott in the last three weeks. Scott says says that dad is trying to get financing for a Broadway musical production of "Happy Days"--(based on the hit TV show of the same name) but finding that financing is tough. Gee, Gary, how about going to the original cast-- I'll bet they'd love to invest in it! Or pre-release a soundtrack like "Evita" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" did-- that's how they found their financing. Oh yes, tonight is the 35th anniversary of the opening of "Jesus Christ, Superstar"-- mixed reviews but got its financing and longevity from the pre-sale of the songs on RCA records. Oh yes, it's also Hugh Jackman's 34th birthday too! Well, that's it for today!

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