Sunday, October 08, 2006

Life is an "E" ticket-- believe it or not! It's the great adventure. it's the great journey and sometimes we are reminded of the start of that journey as I was last evening. I attended the 40th reunion anniversary of my high school graduation. I saw people I had not seen for years-- people who I not only went to high school with, but attended school with from the first or second grade on. I was one of those kids who always succumbed to his great imagination and and many told me that I had kind of inspired them to follow their own dreams-- one to be a pilot, one to sing, one to teach etc. It blew me away as to just how nice all of these dear people were. Even those who taunted me for my imagination then were very respectful last night because they finally realized how important the imagination is. I was shocked to discover just how many of my classmates had already died in their mid-50's. Some from sudden heart attacks! Tim Taylor for one at 55 and Dave Zimmerman and so many others. Now here I am at age fifty-nine, relatively healthy and still filled with imagination. I have reached the age my father never did and I fast approaching the age my mother never attained. Pretty scary sometimes. But we all need to trust God and let him take charge. One guy who had been a total goof-off in high school was now the Deputy Labor Commissioner for the state of California. I will post some pics later, but I really had a wonderful time. The high school where I went to school is now an all girls school. There is only one Dominican nun left and no Claretian priests. I am told that only one teacher from my days there is still alive. Life is so temporary. We really need to appreciate it more! It's also funny that the newest principal of this now all girls school is a young man of thirty-two. Wouldn't the Dominican nuns that I knew from way back when have a field day with that bit of news? Well must be off to work. I passed out some albums and CDs and all were glad to receive them. Maybe I'll hear some feedback later on!

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