Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On this date in 1939 in an issue of Detectives Comics #37, the legendary superhero of Batman was born created by Mr. Bob Kane with an able assist from an uncredited source: Bob Finger. The character of Bruce Wayne is embellished in my memory as a child, especially once the 1960's television series made his premiere. I learned a couple of amazing things that happened in the comic strips that I was totally unaware of. One that the character of Dick Grayson (who becomes Robin) was an orphaned circus acrobat. The second thing I learned was that way down the road in the comic book pages, Bruce Wayne (amazingly enough) marries a reformed Cat Woman and that eventually he becomes Police Commissioner while Robin takes over patrolling Gotham City. Fun things to know. I understand one can now buy all of the classic campy "Batman" TV series episodes on DVD. Who could forget the late Frank Gorswin as "The Riddler", the amazing Burgess Merrideth as "The Penguin" and the super Caesar Romero as "The Joker". I remember Victor Buono as "King Tut", Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar as "Catwoman, Vincent Price as "Egg Head" and even the great Liberace starred as "Candelabra" Boom! Kapoo! Wham! --funny captions on screen! I also remember hearing about celerbrities who worked for absolute minimum for doing those campy little guest shots in which they poked their heads out of windows as Batman and Robin scaled a high rise in persuit of a bad guy! Those episodes were so funny and so entertaining. Today also in 1940, the forty hour week came into law (thank goodness for that all you Nine to Fivers) The United Nations Charter came into effect in 1945 as well. Work continues well and I am selling more now-- which pleases me a great deal. I am sure my Ritz store in Studio City will be busier than ever very soon! Yesterday I saw an old friend. Dear Marsha (Marsha) Sill came in looking absolutely radiant. I had not seen her in several months-- and then only in passing! I swear this woman gets more beautiful as time passes) I took the opportunity of giving her the "Traveling Companion" CD and other demos including "Dream Little Dreamer" that Tim and I recorded last June with the children's choir "The Soundsations". Boy these kids are talented! And they are headed for Carniege Hall this fall. Halloween will soon be here and of course this is my John's favorite holiday of all time. I look forward to seeing the 3D version of "Nightmare Before Christmas" very soon. This film is simply magical! We had a wonderful visit with John's mother last weekl at Disneyland! What a very special lady she is! A devoted and loving mother-- just like mine was. Isn't it wonderful when you can say that your mother was your very best friend in the world? It would have been my Mother's 93rd birthday tomorrow-- but more on that tomorrow! It's a beautiful suny day today and I have the day off! Hurray! Well, that's about it for today.

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