Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Today back in 1990 the two Germanys both East and West were officially re-united after forty-five plus years of being a divided nation. One can only hope of true peace on Earth. We make great strides like this and then we have a modern day Korea banting threats and baseless accusations and ultimately deciding that because she feels she will be attacked this combative little nation will now conduct nucleur tests. But big strides like Germany's unification are always good. Today is studio day. I am going into the Smooth Sounds studio today to record three new songs. One is a patriotic piece ( I haven't written one of those since 2001 with the tributes to 9/11.) It's called "Some Gave All". The second song is a new upbeat Christmas tune called "If Christmas Took A Holiday". I always try to write at lerast one new Christmas song a year. This one is simply fun: what would happen if Christmas decided to take a vaction and not show up this December. The third is a song adapted from a poem that I wrote way back in 1977 for my sister Annette's birthday. It's called "On Tuesday, I Saw Snowflakes" -- its very lyrical and Tim Doran has once again done some magnificent arrangements-- on all three songs-- so I am very excited. Bill Lewis, my dear old friend is coming to record these along with some narration for the upcoming storyteller CD I am producing for "The Ghost Who Saved Broadway" --this should be a lot of fun! Well lots of work to do0 before the recording session. One more thing today is the anniversary of Captain Kngaroo's premiere on television on CBS and the debut of the Mickey Mouse Club on ABC-- imagine that! How time flies! Yom Kippur was yesterday and surprisingly the store was quite busy-- I really did not expect that in this very Jewish community in which I work! Well later!

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