Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Buster Keaton was born today in 1895. What an amazing comedian. "The "Great Stone Face" was of course the star of countless silent film classics like "Steamboat Bill" , "The General" and many others. I was surprised to learn just how he got his name. He was born while his vaudeville parents were doing a Kansas vaudeville tent show along with Harry Houdini one of the most famous magicians of all times. When Keaton was six months,old, he fell down some stars in Harry's presence . Even before Harry knew that Baby Keaton was okay he shouted out "What a Buster!"-- and the name stuck. We lost Buster Keaton in February of 1966. Another famous celebrity that year plus my own father in January and Walt Disney in December of that year Add Ed Wynn in June and Verna Felton in late November. Today also is the 82nd birthday of Charlton Heston and from what I understand this year may be his last. The culprit of course is Alzheimer's disease, that dreaded disease that made a great president a nondeplus. How sad that a very plus active l;ife must come to this. We simply must defeat this dreadful disease! Of course, Heston's most famous role is that of Moses and Cecil B. Demile is said to have chosen him because he resembled statues of Moses. Something else I did not know: Heston was the voice of God as the "Burning Bush" No one yet knows who did God's voice in the giving of the TEN COMMANDMENTS themselves. Another surprise: the role of Ben Hur was originally slated to go to Burt Lancaster. But Lancaster who was an atheist refused to play that "goody-two shoe Christian" and the role went to Heston who of course won the Academy Award. Happy birthday to both! The recording session went well. The Christmas song "If Christmas Took A Holiday" is delightful and the narration for "The Ghost Who Saved Broadway' narration is just perfect. Bill Lewis has literally become Parker O' Day. Bill is such a great friend of all these almost seventeen years. Well need to fly as I must open the store this morning! Happy Birthday Buster- wherever you are. "make God laugh-- Lord knows He needs it" And to Charleton! Live as much as you can in the time you have left!

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