Saturday, February 06, 2010


Goodbye Ford!

Well believe it or not I was laid off from my New Job at Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood. They just eliminated my position without ever giving me a chance. Less then a month. Oh they apologized from the sky to the ground below and said it was nothing personal and that I had done nothing wrong! They really liked me, and a few were even been let go with me to supposidly 'balance the budget". If you are a big car dealership with two locations and you balance your entire fiscal budget and become solvent by simply saving the monthly salaries of five people making $8.00 an hour after a pretty damn good sales month in January 2010 (because after all any one who sells the car will get the commission-- even a trained monkey) you are in deep financial doo-doo. And what hurts even more is that two people were kept who were hired after me and were not let go as I was. And one was kept who had been hired five days after I had. And get this-- one guy they kept hadn't even shown up on the first day! But I am 62 and this may be age discrimination. I was totally Ford certified and licensed and now as I go around looking for work at other Ford dealerships, I find that Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood has a pretty bad reputation. Of course, like everybody in the car business, they try to get you on to the lot where there is a 65% chance that you will buy a car. If they get you into a show room then the chances increase to 85%. I was to be in charge of Special financing for credit challenged customers, but I was told so many times "don't waste your time with this one or that one". And yet one sales counselor was telling people over the phone that she had a new bank that just loved to finance potential customers that just had their bankruptcy discharged. Now there isn't a worse credit risk from of these type of customers and so the two statements completely clashed with one another. This was just really heartbreaking because i was really getting people to come in. I had purchased four cars at this dealership over the years, but you can bet that I will not be foolish to do so again. So beware. If what they say sounds too good to be true-- it is-- in the worst way. They sent me my last check today and didn't even return my sales license-- what the hell goes with that! There are good people here, but something is definitely wrong!

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