Monday, February 08, 2010


For all people who think that Disneyland would be uncrowded on Super Bowl Sunday-- forget it. Both Disneyland and California Adventure Parks were jammed all day and the weather in the evening was down right cold. The park has drained the Frontierland River and is refurbishing for the first time in seven long years. It's quite amusing to see bulldozers and trucks along the riverbed. Here reality and fantasy cross over. I am amazed at the rocket high prices for food--even with cast member discount of 20% a hot hot dog would cost $5.25 and a turkey leg $6.40. Wow! But I had a good time. I've included photos of the Frontierland River construction and make over here. Yesterday February 7th was also the 70th birthday of Walt Disney's classic film and character Pinocchio. If you haven't seen this amazing animated classic in a while, you really need to. You will cry as I always do. Pinocchio is actually my second favorite Walt Disney film of all time and it's main song "When You Wish Upon A Star" is my all time favorite song. Jiminy Cricket was always voiced by veteran film star Cliff Edwards. Cliff was known also as "Ukulele Ike" and he was he who introduced the song "That's Entertainment". Cliff was a favorite of Walt and when he died penniless, it was Walt Disney who paid for his funeral and burial expenses. It also would have been the 85th birthday of classic comedy actor Jack Lemmon-- dear old Ensign Pulver and of course Hollywood's Felix in "The Odd Couple". We lost a great talent with Jack's passing. I always enjoyed watching him perform. John Nugent and i continue writing for our Vermont deadlines and now we have finally installed two gigs of ram into the computer that we badly needed. Now we can load the entire Garritan sound catalog of instrumentation into the computer without it crashing somewhere around the percussion.