Friday, February 12, 2010


Today of course would have been Abraham Lincoln's 201st birthday. The Disneyland resorts in both Anahiem and Orlando, Florida of course have celebrated Mr. Lincoln well with their audio animatronics show on the amazing sixteenth president of the United States. I was amazed to find out how many statues of Lincoln there are in his home state of Illinois. There are statues of Lincoln in every position a public figure could be engaged in. But today is also a historical day. It was on this day in 1973 that the first prisoner of wars from Vietnam were exchanged. And this birthday date is also shared by Charles Darwin, and on the still living side are Franco Zeferelli, the director who is eighty-seven and Joe Gatagiola, the sportscaster. He is eighty-four. Arsenio Hall is fifty-five and Josh Brolin is forty-two. In history it was also the birthday of General Omar Bradley and Alice Roosevelt Longworth who was the politically influential daughter of Teddy Roosevelt. I wonder what dear Mr. Lincoln would say about our present day America. Of course, his prediction that no military giant would strike America was proved untrue on Sept 11, 2001, but at least it was an attack by stealth (and a cowardly stealth at that) and not by actual military attack. Today I go out looking for new work and I will follow a lead from mid-week. I pray that I will be successful. We forged a new friendship with the York Theatre last week and that was a real blessing. Thank you, Jim. Schools are out today and the sun is shining, so lets hope it will be a great day! The Disneyland cast members will be treated today to a preview of the re-launch of Captain EO at Disneyland featuring the late great Michael Jackson. It is still a few weeks away before it will open to the public, however. I remember when this attraction opened back in the 1980's that there was an all night party at Disneyland that I attended. That was back in 1985-- twenty-five years ago! I still have the pictures I took back then.

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