Monday, June 18, 2007


Today marks the anniversary of the second great war in United States History: "The War of 1812" fought between England and the United States of America and the 65th birthday of Paul McCartney. Does that make you feel old, dear friends??? -- it sure does for me! Does it seem possible that Sir Paul is now an official senior citizen! As far as the famous American war is concerned, at issue were trade rights, fishing issues and the British perchance of inciting the American Indian to fight American colonization efforts. England was also drafting former British citizens into service for it's Royal Navy. The war was fought from this date in 1812 to February 14, 1815 and resulted in the burning of Washington DC which destroyed the White House and Capitol buildings. You might remember the story of first lady Dolley Madison who saved the famed portrait of George Washington painted by Gilbert Stuart during that fire! The peace treaty had been effected but had not reached the ears of Andrew Jackson who went ahead as planned and engaged in the amazing "Battle of New Orleans" in 1814: America was never attacked again after this siege by the British until December 7, 1941 and the continent itself until September 11, 2001. History is an amazing study. Because had the news of that treaty reached Jackson in time, you might never have heard of him and of course, he would NEVER had been elected our seventh president. Father's Day was yesterday and I remembered my dear father with Mass and a special prayer! What a character he was! What an amazingly generous and kind man was he all throughout his life, giving us four kids everything we ever wanted. I only wish he had lived a little longer. I was just beginning to really appreciate him and relish all of his amazing qualities when he died in 1966. But I will always hold him dearly in my heart-- forever! Well, another day at work--it's been busy!

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