Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today is a most amazing day in history and Hollywood. First with history. On this day in 1868 our nation and President Andrew Johnson pictured here was saved by the good conscience and superior convictions of a lone single American senator from Lawrence, Kansas. His name was Edmund G. Ross. Senator Ross was celebrated in John F. Kennedy's amazing novel "Profiles In Courage" in the late 1950's So who was Edmund G. Ross. In 1868, the Senate was all poised to remove Andrew Johnson from office-- his crime? Simply following the policies of Abraham Lincoln and being an honest man. The vote in the Senate was 35-19-- just one lone vote shy of conviction. If Johnson had been removed from office, the contentious and angry Benjamin ("Hot Head") Wade (the president Pro Tem of the Senate) would have become president of the United States. Mr. Wade hated the South-- despised the black and had he been put into office, the Civil War would have been re-ignited: this time with England and France getting behind the South. The reason: cotton-- these two countries would have been bankrupt without it. They would have involved themselves at any cost to have this vital commodity restored to export to their respectyive countries. They would have gone against the North for reason of economic necessity! But today was also interesting in other ways. Marie Antoinette married future King Louis the 16th this day. Joan of Arc was canonized a saint in Rome in 1920. The musical "Annie Get Your Gun" opened on Broadway to rave reviews: Irving Berlin's first Broadway musical. And sadly? We lost two entertainment giants on this day in 1990: Sammy Davis Jr. (at age sixty-four) and the amazing Jim Henson (at age fifty-three) The first Academy Awards were given out on this day in 1929 and actor Henry Fonda was born on this day in 1905 in Grand island, Nebraska. Well, history is great fun, but to have so many amazing events all happen on one day is incredible. By the way, if you have not read John F. Kennedy's "Profiles In Courage", I strongly urge you to do so. It's simply amazing and fascinating reading. Edmund G. Ross with one lone vote literally saved this country from ruin. Had the Civil War been begun again that would have delayed the Industrial Revolution by at least thirteen years. Now imagine today's busy technology delayed by thirteen years. No I Pods. No Cell Phones. No movies on DVD. It would essentially be 1994 in 2007. Today I attend the Vendors Expo in the city of Commerce-- that could ber an interesting day!

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