Monday, May 07, 2007


Five years, eight months and six days-- the length of World War II in Europe. Today is the anniversary of that grand day. V.E. Day! War was to continue with Japan until August of that same year, but at least the major conflict was over. Nazi Germany was simply no more. Hitler had killed himself. My mom and dad struggled during the war trying to make ends meet. Meat rationing and gas rationing were very common. I was born two years and four months later. Even back then times were hard-- and my mom and dad were struggling with a mortgage -- even then-- as we all seem to do today. It's a beautiful day today and I go into work at noon so I can enjoy it a little more than usual. Last week I went to go and see an endocrinologist-- something I should have done long ago. I discovered I had an under active thyroid and that my good cholesterol was not high enough. He also gave me two new drugs for my type two Diabetes. So now maybe I will start feeling much better! These doctors are wonderful--GP's simply are NOT the answer. Some of them just don't see the new drugs on the market today as REAL solutions. I had been on the same medication for over seven years-- it was time for a change!

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