Wednesday, May 09, 2007


FIRE-- the four letter word that can hurt the most broke out in the Hollywood Hills yesterday allegedly at the hands of an arsonist destroying Dante's Peak and endangering the Griffith Observatory (seen in the photo to the left) and the Los Angeles Zoo. The animals were moved as a precaution to an indoor holding area, which should have been a very interesting gathering place to watch and see. I was driving John to work yesterday and got a really good look at it up there on the top of the hills. Boy, that was one scary sight. Fire is something that everybody fears. I watched it on television later and found it all so unbelievable. Who would do such a thing? Later that same evening, I watched the Cole Porter biography movie "De Lovely" on DVD. Kevin Kline was simply brilliant as Cole Porter and Ashley Judd was simply amazing as his wife, Linda. Of course, dear Cole was really gay, but he loved Linda in so many wonderful ways. The treat is to watch classic performers like Elvis Costello, Natalie Cole, Sheryl Crow and Robbie Williams perform some of the classic Cole Porter Tunes like "Blow Gabriel Blow", "Anything Goes" and the classic "Night and Day" It was kind of a hoot to watch that song being tried out because everyone urged Cole to drop the song because it had too much of a range for singers to sing ("It goes so high, and then so low-- it's so hard to sing") I'm sure happy that Cole Porter did not give in to pressure like that. I've written songs with ranges like that and somehow they most always work-- with the right artist in the recording studio!

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