Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well today's journal entry marks blog number TWO HUNDRED. That is TWO HUNDRED journal entries made by me in this blog! Wow! I would have never guessed, I could keep it up this long! Today also is a day of hope! Tim and I are holding our first reading today for our musical "The Traveling Companion" We are gathering at Tim's school Wilson High in Hacienda Heights at 1PM to read through the play and have our first public performances of the many songs we have written together. Roberta and David Meinke and Bill Lewis will be there and I am praying that all will go well and that the actors and others who hear it will really like it. A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this magnus opus, not to mention money and both of us hold high hopes. Financial woes burden both Tim and I at the moment, but with God's help we'll get out of these things. Now I know why my poor dad felt so hopeless at his age-- but as that great old lyric goes by Sondheim "I'm still here! and I really do believe that you just can't walk away "five minutes before the miracle" -- because the miracle always follows and is knocking at your door four and a half minutes after you do. Work was very busy this week and Easter approaches April 9th. So I am keeping all fingers and toes crossed for today's reading! Wish us well!

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