Sunday, March 18, 2007


Well, finally! On Saint Patrick's Day, I was finally able to pick up the Ford ZX3 that was involved in that Halloween night 2006 accident that I have described previously on these blog pages. $5,500.00 later and unbelievable car rental fees (almost $3,000.00) from Advantage Rent-A-Car. And then I had to fight the auto body shop to give me a warranty in writing! The previous owner of the body shop had to come to bat for me! What's wrong with people anyway? Well, I will tell you this: It's been a long, hard five months and I've learned a few lessons along the way. First is never trust an independent auto insurance dealer. And make sure you have GAP insurance on any automobile that you are financing! I also had to buy another car when the rental car company refused to rent me any more vehicles because they "couldn't make as much money on me than they could on individual renters." Crazy! Well, lessons learned the hard way-- and now we go after that woman who caused the accident in Small Claims Court.Well at least both John and I now have our own car and that will make things a lot easier! Stay tuned for further developments! I am praying I can win my money back in court!

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